CKD encompasses many kidney and general diseases (eg hypertension or diabetes) that result in loss of kidney function over months to years.

In the early stages of CKD, most patients do not have any symptoms.

Symptoms may appear only when the kidney function is significantly impaired.

Unfortunately, most of these symptoms may not be specific enough to alert someone of the presence of CKD.

When CKD is moderately advanced or beyond, progresssion to end stage kidney failure is almost impossible to prevent.

The only treatment that is available for end stage kidney failure at the present moment is dialysis or kidney transplantation.

CKD at its early stage can be detected by doing a simple blood and urine test.

Patients at risk should do these tests and consult a Renal Physician for further advice.

With appropriate treatment, CKD progression can either be halted or slowed to prevent end stage kidney failure in a significant number of patients.

Do the necessary tests. Consult our Renal Physicians. Prevent end stage kidney failure.